Cobalt is the new gold rush for Africa

The Congo currently represents about 70% of the world’s Cobalt supply. This by-product of Nickel production is one of the most supplied in the world seeing as how it is used in almost every house hold from little electronic batteries to multi billion dollar auto manufacturing industries for storing energy.

Cobalt in pure form

Elon Musk has greatly revolutionized the image of Cobalt to what i could term the Blue Revolution. The rush of electric vehicles into the auto industry makes one to pause in retrospect, Africa is tomorrow’s, if not today’s, wealth of resources.

Cameroon’s potential for Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese is another proof of its Miniature status on the African Continent. Activities around this issue have been going on since April 2003 and a feasibility study was completed in April 2011. Apart from the Congo, the Nkamouna region in the East of Cameroon hosts one of the largest Cobalt reserves in the World. This mine is estimated to have life of 23 years with an average production of 13.5 million pounds (Mlbs) of Cobalt.

Africa is tomorrow’s, if not today’s, wealth of resources.

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