“I started my business with a capital of 2.5 Million francs, today it is worth over 1.7 BILLION francs in just 4 years of operation…” Roland Fomundam explains to the Green Carpet Magazine

Roland Fomundam is a young prolific business entrepreneur in the Agriculture sector in Cameroon, Africa. There is no better word to describe his business other than innovative. He delves into an undaunted and may I say, “untamed” sector Agriculture in Cameroon and Central Africa which is greenhouse farming. He set off in 2014 with the idea of finding something that could help him build a sustainable farming practice with produce that could command a price in the market.

In the Interview with the Green carpet magazine, he says “greenhouse technology was the answer and greenhouse venture the company” when asked about his business, the Greenhouse Ventures.

The successful entrepreneur and aspiring magnate in the industry confess to being born with nothing but life, referring to his humble beginnings and a modest family. A father who died young as a mechanic and a mother who was “a mere secretary” I quote. He stresses that those are the challenges that nudged him into working harder and securing a brighter future.

Roland expresses himself as a pragmatist, philosopher, humble and a stickler for the rules. He underlines that capital is not the prerequisite for success as an entrepreneur but a strong, dynamic collaboration and partnership. I quote ‘’I am one man; I can have one idea but together we have many more ideas.’’ Purpose according to him is a major for any entrepreneur.

As his advice to youths and aspiring entrepreneurs, he recommends an open mind based on observation which he terms “read life” and being truthful, realistic, disciplined and most important finding a mentor. Concerning a mentor, he says; “find someone that you see a smaller version of you in him and you believe that if you copy their steps you can be better than them”.

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