Togelese President’s Quest for Investment

President Faure Gnassingbé Of Togo traveled to London in search for investment from the private sector into his new National Development Plan.

In an interview with BBC’s Sophie Ikenye, he said he will attract investors by presenting his country, his achievements; country security, stability, plan, vision and the fact that his country is at the heart of ECOWAS. He said that accomplishing a country’s vision takes time using countries like Singapore and Malaysia as example.

Gnassingbé’s three-day visit to London also took him to the Invest Africa Annual Debate, where he showcased Togo’s PND plan and presented opportunities and incentives to investors. A previous stop took him to Chatham House, where he discussed West African security challenges. Africa Times

The African country indeed reaffirmed its will to join the multi-government organization- the Commowealth – which regroups mostly former British colonies. Actually, the process was initiated since 2014 and re-launched in 2017. If successful, Togo will thus be the second French-speaking country to join the economic community, after Rwanda in 2009.

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